self-esteem, Wellness, written by Kim Openo

What is Lack of Self-Care Costing YOU?

2nd-blog-relaxation27It’s so great that we can have access to and see advertisements of great self-care resources. Passing by a spa or massage place always gives us this warm feeling of almost immediate relaxation. But if it feels so good to just think about it, why don’t we always indulge in self-care? Kim goes into detail about which part of the self needs the most care and the repercussions of not tending to your own needs.
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Yoga Postures for Mental Wellness: An Introduction

easy pose image from clipartHave you ever been interested in yoga? What is all the hype about? Yoga isn’t just a fad– it’s beneficial to our well being and health! Nicole gives an overview of yoga and gives some step-by-step poses to try on your own.
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