Sex Cells: The Truth Behind Sexual Performance Anxiety in Men

Performance, in its simplest form, refers to output so much so that it ties in ability, drive and ambition as detailed nuggets of winning at a game, sport or some type of competition.  For example, we recognize that in the Olympics, the gold medal is given to the athlete or competitor who is the most well-trained, ambitious, fastest or the competitor with the most endurance or heightened skill-level.  Additionally, we idealize performers who are instinctively in the best shape physically and who utilize their physical attributes to obtain the competitive advantage. One author speaks to performance “as something that is displayed in front of an audience for judgement or spectacle.”

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Safeguarding Your Relationship during Lockdown

You are NOT who I married! Why are we even dating?! You are breathing TOO LOUD! Have you or your significant other found yourselves uttering these and similar sentences since the COVID-19 lockdown? Well, you are not alone. These past few months have been trying times even for the best of us because after all…we are only human. Sometimes we need to take a moment and work through what we are feeling to better understand ourselves and the relationships we have cultivated.

Here are just a few tips on helping you do just that if you feel your relationship is struggling during this very stressful time in the world.

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Maintaining Peace When Life Seems Out of Control

For many people, the greatly anticipated year of 2020 has not turned out to be what was expected. You may have brought it in with exuberance, joy, excitement and celebration at the turn of a new decade. But before the end of the first quarter, life as we knew it quickly changed and the swift transitions have likely taken their toll on your sanity. Continue reading “Maintaining Peace When Life Seems Out of Control”