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What is Your Best Valentine’s Day Story?

-valentines-day-clipart-6Valentine’s Day is more than just flowers and candy– and it certainly doesn’t have to be romantic either. Valentine’s Day is about love: whether this is sibling love, parent-child love, or the love of friendship. Erlese recalls a time when her daughter gave her a very memorable and touching Valentine’s Day.
What is your favorite Valentine’s Day memory?

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What is Your Best Valentine’s Day Story?
By: Erlese Caruth, LPC, NCC


About two week ago, a couple of days after our last snowstorm, I had the privilege of spending some time with my niece and nephew.  I remember APTOPIX Winter Weather Georgiathe day well.  There was still a hint of snow hovering the sides of the street, but stained in our memories were the hundreds of people trapped in vehicles that lined the stretches of road and highways of our city.  This day however, was clear and brisk, but filled with warmth and a sense of awareness.  Schools were closed, so my niece and nephew were spending the day with us.  After a couple of hours of tickles, hide and seek and hot chocolate, I snuck away to work on my computer.
The kiddos snuggled into the couch to watch a movie with my daughter.  About 30 minutes into the movie, my nephew fell asleep, and my niece came up to my room, curious about what I was doing, and offered to help.  “I think I got it,” I said, but she didn’t seem very convinced.  With just a slight pause, she asked “do you still talk with people at your office when they need help”?  I recalled a previous conversation we had about my work as a child therapist and simply answered “yes.”   She climbed closer to me, and asked “do you think I could help you, if you talk to me”?  Well, who could refuse a free therapy session?Picture-11
She began by asking me what I would be doing for Valentines Day.  “I don’t plan on doing anything,” I said hesitantly.  Unsatisfied with my response, she proceeded to probe like a good therapist would, and asked “will someone be getting you something for Valentines Day”?  When I answered no, she volunteered her brother to make me a card at his school.  I gladly accepted but asked if she would make me something as well.  She responded by saying “I can make you something, but I like talking with you better.”  In that moment I was reminded that gifts are nice, but spending time with loved ones is worth much more than anything money can buy. My niece is only 5yrs old, but is wise beyond her years.  She was smart enough to not volunteer herself to make me a card, but also smart enough to give me the gift I needed the most, and that was her time.
What is your best Valentines story?


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